Seeking Competitive Advantages in the Coaching Job Search

In a time when opportunities to network organically have been limited for going on 2 years and remaining anxiety from COVID-19 lingers in many areas of life still, separating from the pack in the coaching world has become a challenge. Like many others I have spoken to, I have had to get inventive as well as aggressive to try and move my career forward. Here are some of the results of those discussions.

Hosting Your Resume and/or Portfolio Online

Having a coaching portfolio is a necessity, but making that information available in our world of reduced contact seems like a pretty good step. I am not exactly the most tech savvy person that there is and I don’t have mine hosted anywhere (Because I don’t know how to do it), but some of the more technologically advanced coaches I have spoken to have outlined how and what they’ve done. There are many free resources available that they use, even as simple as GoogleDocs, that as they update their information, those changes are recorded. When they become interested in an opening they are able to share their information very easily.

Social Media Presence

I remember early in my career when coaches and educators would be chastised for even having a social media account, but as the role of social media has become more permanent, many people have weaponized these platforms for communication of their coaching abilities and credentials. From the basic: sharing, posting, and communicating. To the more involved: hosting podcasts, producing videos & content, regular zoom clinics, and all of the other madness used to create followings. There are some really talented coaches who have parlayed a social media presence into career advancement.

Traditional Networking

As we have grown accustomed to becoming isolated from one another, networking in-person has become somewhat of a lost art. What I have found myself doing, since there have been many changes since March 2020, is attending events such as basketball games and speaking to decision makers face-to-face. This has produced decent results and I think people have been happy to see a relic of “times gone by”.

Camps & Clinics

I didn’t want to leave these out of the post and as we re-open, I think that there will be more of these opportunities that used to exist. These are the original methods and still a wonderful step when available.

These are a brief list of advancement ideas, I am ALWAYS wanting to learn more, so if I’ve forgotten any feel free to add them in the comments and send them to me.

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