Sage Advice

I was siting with some co-works (all of which have been in the profession about 20 years) and they reminded me of something I had heard early on in my education, but really hadn’t heard since. It is advice often given to teachers, but could work with any number of professions where you regularly interact with other people. The advice was: journal he things that you see on a daily basis throughout your career with the goal being at the end of your career you’ll have things to look back on, and in a lot of cases, book material!

  • Events– (and in my 13 years in he classroom, here have been many memorable events
  • Quotes or sayings– usually from students but other teachers and administrators would probably work too
  • Historical happenings– in the moment reactions to events
  • Your thoughts– which would change throughout your career

Again this applies to any career where you regularly interact with other humans, and would personally be a nice keepsake or could be inspiration for a lager project.


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