Shot Clock Rumored to be Coming to Ohio HS Basketball

In speaking with a couple of referees recently they have been put under the impression that shot clocks will be making their way to Ohio Boys and Girls Basketball games 2023-24 looks like the most logical time period for that to take place in. I have always been opposed to this, since it is unnecessary and it almost is a move to placate superior teams. The information I have heard from them has been that a 35-second shot clock will be implemented, of course time is needed to allow for schools to get the shot clocks installed.

Yes, I understand that a team can and has held the ball in an effort to “shrink the game”. I also understand that the NBA and College Basketball feature shot clocks. Additionally, I understand that strategy is boring and the entertainment value of those games is very low. If I were to coach basketball, I could honestly say, I’d probably never utilize this strategy. All of those common arguments used are true and are used repeatedly to advocate for the use of shot clocks. Basketball will become pretty lopsided and we’ll see hurried, bad shots, by an inferior opponent when the problem exists in a very low percentage of games.


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