Financial Education Resource: EVERFI

When I first started teaching Financial Literacy, during the 2018-19 School Year there were not many resources available. Not that that are a ton now, but there are more, one of the first resources that we used in my class was EVERFI. In the years since the package offered by EVERFI and in their partnership with NorthwestBank were the basics of personal finance. The original platform featured 9 modules on the basics of personal finance. During the 2019-2020 school year the site revamped what was offered and offered additional items that we’ll break down later, but these self-paced and assessed modules served the needs of our classes an introductions to many of the key concepts in personal finance (budgeting, saving, personal ID documents, etc).

Recently, the state of Ohio, changed course on personal finance in the classroom, but for those students near graduation, they may have missed some of the key principles that could be offered by such a course. It is free and does require some login information, but during remote instruction, I enrolled my 6th grader in the courses and she could handle it just fine. The assessments at the end require a 70% to “pass” and are able to be re-taken as many times as need be to reach that score.

Short of buying some of the more comprehensive curriculums available for your home or your class, EVERFI works really great. Their many different programs available for various grade levels are pretty good too. If you’re looking to supplement your in-class curriculum, this program matches up pretty well with most of them as well.


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