Football “Wisdom” from Twitter

I follow Coach Ron McKie on Twitter (@CoachMcKieJr), and last night he started an interactive thread on Twitter of: “A football thought you have most coaches would think was insane”. Some of my favorites were:

  • Practice time (less than 2 hours)– Makes sense and kinda makes 2-a-days as they once were obsolete, people and things change and this may just be on of them
  • Onside Kick Almost Everytime– I actually did this unless we were in a running clock, converted just under 30%, I’m sure we wasted a lot of people’s practice time preparing and we surrendered 3 deep kicks for score. This is a casualty in the War on Special Teams.
  • Sunday Meetings are wastes of time– We learned during the COVID era what resources there are to connect virtually or piece projects together while we aren’t in the same place. Sundays should be left for family and barring a Saturday game that turns around into a Thursday night game, should be avoided.
  • QB Bag Drills aren’t very helpful– I have long thought this and we’ve probably not used them in the last 5 years
  • Limited Number (6) of Offensive Concepts– McKie and his YouTube channel and TD Lab Book center around this a great deal. Coaches are obsessed with MORE.
  • The 40 Yard Dash is in Ineffective Tool to Evaluate Players– Almost seems like blasphemy given the NFL’s obsession with the 40, but many HS and college programs have started charting shorter sprints.
  • Get Your Dudes the Ball– Self explanatory and a cornerstone of every scheme.
  • Most Teams Aren’t Using Empty Enough– I have been an empty guy or push motion to empty and teams FREAK OUT, when it usually results in an easy throw to the TB without much resistance.

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