Meaningful Professional Development

Throughout my career I’ve logged hundreds or thousands of hours of professional development and an understatement would be that not all of it has been meaningful. Today we had a PD via zoom with a motivational speaker. This man walked us through a number of topics, but one stands out. During his presentation he challenged us to write down 4 things that are important to you:

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

Now that this list of 4 things is written down, look at that list….. we were then asked if we gave enough time to those 4 items.

  • A-yes/no
  • B-yes/no
  • C-yes/no
  • D-yes/no

Personally, I had trouble with finding 4 things, but apparently the national average is 2 Yes answers and 2 No answers to devoting enough time to the 4 most important things in their lives. This reflective strategy is applicable to any profession or stage in life.


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