In Honor of Maury Povich

“Maury I wouldn’t do your show for $5 Million a year”… Maury replied “Neither would I”

Like many children of the 1990’s The Jerry Springer Show & Maury exposed me to all different kinds of wildness during daytime TV. The shows were always entertaining & the plot lines were almost unbelievable. It is legend that Maury never knew the results of the famous DNA Test until he read them on the air, in my mind I really believe that.

In 2013, the now-defunct blog Grantland did an expose on Maury Povich and the scientific, cookie cutter approach to Maury. Grantland: Maury The production team slid every episode of the show out in 3 Acts pruned perfectly to fit into the daytime TV spot. I’ll let you read the Grantland piece above.


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