There’s a first time for everything

St. Peter’s Head Coach Shaheen Holloway (

St. Peter’s has become the first 15 seed to qualify for the Elite 8 and along the way they have become the “darlings of the tournament”! This historical feat was accomplished on March 25, on what is alleged to National Peacock Day, like everyone else I’m not sure that is entirely true but it conveniently fits into this story. The TV crews can’t stop talking about the Peacocks and that’s thanks in large part to their amazing guard play.

This team is forged in the image of their Head Coach & former Seton Hall guard Shaheen Holloway, who’ll probably only be employed at St. Peter’s for about another 2 weeks. He’s doing and saying all the right things and while many brackets seem to be ruined, the entire country has embraced the Peacocks, who’s tournament run started with an upset of college hoops royalty Kentucky. I am personally (thanks to my bracket being ruined) hoping for chaos and St. Peter’s to play for and win a National Championship.


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