Weekends are for Side Hustles

All week I work a professional job that produces enough of a salary to cover my monthly expenses and then some, but from my early adult years I’ve almost always had a side hustle or two. These different jobs have varied throughout the years and some have been kinda fun, but the money produced has always been a great benefit of the additional time spent working.

Lately, it’s become a Monday ritual to dump money earned over the weekend into an investment account or two, as well as being able to handle incidental expenses with cash. My teenage daughter has benefitted through her ACORNS Early account and she really likes to watch the projection tell her how much money she’ll have at different ages.

Gig work and work from home opportunities have started to really grow in number, for those who’s situations don’t allow you to not be home for hours at a time. Also, for my sports people, nearly every organization is looking for officials and they pay pretty good.

The main point of all of this and the posts that will definitely follow on this subject are with minimal extra effort you can fast track any of your financial goals.


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