Is High School Football Coaching in Trouble in Ohio?

For many coaches, like me, these winter months are time to attempt to advance your career, though getting a coaching job. In previous eras, way before I was ever a coach or a teacher, movement was pretty simple: apply and interview for a job, get it, and then start to formulate a staff, made up of mostly educators. Jobs were plentiful and movement was pretty easy.

What has become a growing trend though has been, coaching jobs becoming available with no teaching assignment attached. I am sure this has been a point of frustration for many people. With all of the discussion that surrounds culture and improvement during the job quest, what net effect can be had when there’s not the chance to get into the building and advance your program all year long?

I don’t know if we are a a breaking or tipping point or not, but in a state that prides itself on the prowess of it’s high school football, Ohio (probably from Division II on down to Division VII) a problem is lurking.


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