The Browns Deserve It All…

The Baker Mayfield Soap Opera took a couple of weird turns today & it couldn’t be anymore Cleveland Browns than it’s been so far. The most embarrassing, backwards situation I can remember in recent sports history is playing out right now for the Browns. Deshaun Watson was the object of the front office’s affection for the last week & there will be many questions for whatever team eventually signs him, the Browns have worked their way to alienating the incumbent starter. The bizarre exchange leaves no way to turn back to Mayfield, who’s now demanding a trade, which would kill any returns on a trade.

Whatever the disconnect has become offensively between Head Coach & play caller Kevin Stefanski and the QB, it’s now continuing into the offseason. Jarvis Landry, Rashard Higgins, and Austin Hooper have left and no matter who the QB is, the offense which struggled to find rhythm and points will be replacing a lot of productivity.

Unlike many Browns fans, I don’t assign the majority of the blame to Mayfield, who was banged up most of the season. I think the offense stagnated early in the season and failed to develop weapons to compliment Nick Chubb.

Our messy QB situation, which has been a staple of the last 20-plus seasons, looks to be adding another silly chapter. Tearing the organization 4 years after drafting a QB, any QB, is a crushing blow for any organization.


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